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Cloud Migration

Accelerate your migration journey before time.

To give you context before we deep-dive into this service, it is scientifically proven that 78% of customers don’t purchase because of poor sales experiences and 86% of customers aren't repeat buyers because of negative service experiences.

At OmniClouds we care about service, and we care about speed. We care about the ever-growing expectations of your clients, and that's why we are the trusted pioneers of the cloud movement. Multi-national corporations constantly coin consumer expectations so now every organisation is compelled to meet those demands.

Cloud migration is the design of shifting digital assets, like data, workloads, IT resources, or applications to our cloud infrastructure. 

Here our expert guides will first deconstruct, and evaluate the whys; why would this move aid your business? It's key for leadership to be aligned on the purpose of the migration, setting goals to drive the organization forward. Following this, creating a baseline of the current infrastructure and outlining cloud migration key performance indicators. Following this our specialist would evaluate any interdependencies tailgated by picking the most apt cloud deployment method specific to your organisational needs.


More network agility.

Reduced operating expenses.

Lowered deployment times.

Outage prevention.

Eliminate costly configuration errors.


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