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Managed Security

Accelerate your network security.

With managed security, you have dedicated authoritarian cybersecurity gurus to ensure your network is protected and equipped to respond promptly to threats. The OmniClouds network security experts ensure your network's defence is always on and shielded. Better network security facilitates a definitive structure for future demand and focuses on increasing your ROI.

OmniClouds operates a variety of configuration components to your security infrastructure ranging from firewalls, IPS/IDS, Network & Application Security, SIEM and Identity Management. Managed network firewalls provide defence for intricate and extensive deployments. The security also comprises pro-active monitoring, always-on availability, software configuration support, root-cause analysis, consultancy, performance and demand planning and so much more. Dedicated resources for better network shielding also results in regular reporting, latest IT services clubbed with incident management.

Guard your IT security procedures with the OmniClouds pro-active service management.


More network agility.

Reduced operating expenses.

Lowered deployment times.

Outage prevention.

Eliminate costly configuration errors.


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