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Branch into empowering intensified security and agility.

OmniRemote enables you to comprehend bandwidth consumption and helps in minimizing its usage. Refining application performance, along with facilitating users to watch and control the security of the network better.

OmniRemote allows you to understand your bandwidth consumption, along with facilitating minimized usage. The CPE portal displays unwanted websites and applications that are available to individuals for them to control and manage the network's security.

Aside from these benefits, users will also have access to UTM, NGFW and IDS that are fully embedded in the device which aid in facilitating breachers, and cyber threats.

With OmniClouds, your network will be secured. We offer the most refined and the highest level of network security systems that prevents data loss, theft and sabotage.

What's more? With OmniRemote you are no longer bound to being in the same district; no matter where your journey, the device can simply be installed in any location by plugging in an IP address. Enterprises now have the flexibility to connect from home to anywhere using our device enabling IT departments full access to network manageability, controllability, employee/application performance analytics and reports. OmniRemote will empower you to reach better application performance.



Improve connectivity’s bandwidth and reliability while reducing the cost.

Fast to Deploy

Reduce time to deployment and connectivity complexity using a centralized management procedure across branches.

You are in control

Empower the Network Administration through a full visibility into the network


Provide businesses with higher flexibility and reliability with the support of multiple connection types.


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