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Branch into software-defined architecture.

OmniSec is an infrastructure where security-oriented VNFs and coherent policies are implemented on gateway devices and are wholly executed on software-defined structures. 

Since the design of OmniSec revolves around being a software-defined design, you are no longer bound to the physical location of the data. Business’s information can be shielded no matter where it resides.

Security and policy compliance are developed over software strategies, while the dependence on hardware is tremendously minimized.

OmniSec enables a more adaptive, rapid and scalable security infrastructure by using programmable open source software policies and open-standard vCPE appliances, simplifying the deployment processes in branch offices and remote sites.

For optimized security execution, OmniSec should ideally be grouped with SD-WAN. That would also envelop mechanisms like zero-touch provisioning and automatic service chaining.



Improve connectivity’s bandwidth and reliability while reducing the cost.

Fast to Deploy

Reduce time to deployment and connectivity complexity using a centralized management procedure across branches.

You are in control

Empower the Network Administration through a full visibility into the network


Provide businesses with higher flexibility and reliability with the support of multiple connection types.


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