Secure Access Service Edge is emerging cybersecurity

Before diving into SASE specifics, it’s highly essential to understand the foundations of this new term. Existing network solutions don’t provide levels of access control and security for digital firms. Such firms require quick, accurate and non-disturbed access for employees remotely. With the rise in remote users and SaaS apps, DC to cloud data movement, increased network traffic going to public cloud services and branch offices instead of back to DC’s, there is a newly required approach for network security.

SASE in simple terms is where users at home can use a VPN/agent to connect to DC, cloud or office with full access to network policy management, network control, performance and security remotely without any hardware deployed – all on a leased monthly payment.

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    SASE can help your firm in multiple ways:

    Cost savings

    Less complexities


    Threat prevention

    Data security


    Enhanced performance

    No hardware